Habitat plan pricing starting at $900 for 2021

Habitat plans focusing on small parcel properties for Whitetail management is available for scheduling in Michigan and surrounding areas. My focus is within 3 hours of Lansing, MI. These plans will include a detailed aerial view of your property overlaying habitat improvements, stand locations, access routes, camera locations, travel corridors, and a written summary.

Due to the demand from my Habitat Hook customers, in 2020 I decided to start offering habitat plans in addition to the Habitat Hook business. After several years of experience in hinge cutting, success with habitat management, completion of Deer Steward Levels 1 & 2, and visits to many many properties throughout MI and OH, I have the knowledge of all things deer to help others achieve the success of harvesting mature whitetails through the management of their land.

Nation's Creations is not a full time business so I only set aside so much time thru the year to make visits and write the management plans. If you're interested in more details, please contact me.