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Picture shows length comparison between a standard, fixed length Habitat Hook and the compact extendable Habitat Hook while collapsed and fully extended.

Model Type
Upgrade to High Strength Tubing

Replacement Parts

All Habitat Hooks Feature The Following:

- CAD Designed

- CNC Laser Cut Teeth

- MIG Welded

- Teeth Provide Excellent Grip On The Bark Of Trees

- Push Point - Works GREAT On All Trees (No Slip)

Orange powder coat is standard 

- In use throughout the U.S.

The Habitat Hook  Store

A tool designed specifically for improving hinge cutting efficiency


Select the model you'd like to purchase from the drop down menu to the left. You can then add the heavy duty option separately if desired

All Habitat Hooks are powder coated as standard with a high gloss finish. Powder Coating is a process where a special blend of Polymers are sprayed (in powder form) onto a metal surface and then baked in an oven at approximately  400 degrees. The polymer powder melts and fuses together over the surface, creating a uniform, hi-gloss, hard shell surface. It is a very durable finish and provides a high resistance to chips, scratches, abrasions, etc.

Steel Extendable Habitat Hook Features
- Extendable design extends to nearly 13 feet to provide more leverage on trees

- 3 length adjustments (7', 10', and 13')

- Length adjustments made easy by using the double sided solid push button (very durable)

- T handle is made from high strength DOM tubing

- ATV grips are added for comfort

- Weighs just over 9lbs

- Affordable and well built

HD Habitat Hooks now available again. Get them while you can as material is in short supply!

The heavy duty option upgrades the hook body to DOM tubing which is about 2 times stronger than the standard tubing which does 2 things: 1) It helps in the sometimes unfortunate event when your Habitat Hook gets hung up on a tree that's being hinged by preventing it from bending, and 2) It is more rigid when pushing on trees in the fully extended position and it doesn't have as much of a bow in the tubing.  There is about 1lb of weight added when choosing this option due to the slightly larger wall thickness but it is almost unnoticeable.

Model Type

Compact-Extendable Habitat Hook
- Same great features as the HD extendable model

- Shorter/compact design allows for ease and convenience carrying on a UTV or ATV, yet still gives the option to extend

- Fits easily in the back of a short bed Crew Cab pickup truck

- 3 length adjustments (5 1/2', 7 1/2', and 9 1/2')

- T handle and body is made from high strength        DOM tubing

- Weighs 8 lbs

- All made from DOM tubing (Only available in heavy duty model)

Steel Fixed Length Habitat Hook Features

- Non-extendable design allows them to be "very light weight" ( Weighs only 6 pounds)

- Excellent alternative when working with smaller trees and the additional length isn't needed

- Fixed length hooks don't have ATV grips

- 7' in length

The Aluminum Habitat Hook  
In the beginning of 2017 the  Aluminum Habitat Hook was released in both fixed length and extendable models. There was a lot of time invested and obstacles that had to be overcome to get these to meet functionality standards before releasing them for sale but we feel the design is near perfect for it's intended purpose.

-Made from 6061 Aircraft grade Aluminum, won't corrode or rust

- 304L Stainless Steel, laser cut replaceable teeth

- Stainless Steel fasteners used to secure teeth

- Soft ATV grips on both models (fixed and extendable)

- 3 length adjustments (6',  8 1/2', 11') on extendable model

- Square tube design makes for quick length adjustment and fast engaging      snap button

- Very light weight (Extendable Only 7 1/2 lbs and Fixed Length 5 lbs!)

Replacement T-Handles

- Replacement T-Handle with ATV grips. Same as received with your original extendable Habitat Hook. Select which model of Habitat Hook you have.

Note: Price varies with model.

Compact Habitat Hook


 NOTICE OF RISK:Hinge cutting can at times involve substantial risk of injury, property damage, and other damages or dangers. It should be noted that hinge cutting is not an OSHA approved practice, and that those unfamiliar with the technique should avoid felling a tree in this manner. Nation's Creations LLC is not liable for personal injury, property damage, or other damages incurred by those recreating, hunting, traversing, or otherwise attending the property at which hinge cutting is being or has been performed. The property owner, his associates, and those traversing the property assume all liability for injury, property damage, or other damages associated with hinge cutting. Nation's Creations LLC does not guarantee any behavior of wildlife in response to hinge cutting. The customer purchasing a Habitat Hook warrants that all property upon which work is performed is either owned by him/her or that permission for the hinge cutting has been obtained from all invested parties. Nation's Creations is to be held harmless from all claims for damages resulting from the customer's failure to obtain such permission. Customers that allow use of the Habitat Hook by another individual MUST inform that individual(s) of this "Notice of Risk". By purchasing a Habitat Hook, the customer is accepting the terms and conditions above.